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Matricell in ICON

Interview in Irma´s World

IRMA: Why do you think Swiss Skin Care products have such a good reputation?

M. Kohl: The Swiss cultivate their craft and traditions. The people and their products are unique and unmistakable.

What makes your product unique?

M. Kohl: The ointment developed by a Swiss doctor, which were originally used for the treatment of wounds and skin diseases of all kinds, have a purely physiological effect on the contained ions such as calcium, potassium, magnesium or sodium in combination with natural active ingredients such as pectin, betaine and oak bark extract. Ions are special salts that can penetrate into the innermost tissue layers through ion channels, ie through tiny openings in the walls of your skin cells. Thanks to this harmonizing cell action, Swiss Ionin has both a healing and skin-tightening effect.

Tell us an extra Tipp or trick to use your product?

M. Kohl: Swiss Ionin is very recommendable in summer after sunbathing or to treat sunburns.

What is your latest discovery in skincare? And what are you working on now?

M. Kohl: At the moment we are working on a moisturizer for the face.

If I travel and can just take 4 skin care products with me, what would you recommend?

M. Kohl:

  • Swiss Ionin Grün, – because I like the cooling effect of peppermint, especially in summer,
  • Wildkräuter Öl which is applied on the temples for headache, a fast helper
  • Lipocreme , The quick help with dry lips and all skin areas requiring intensive care

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