Summary of the speech of Dr. Rudolf Inderst which he gave during the Bernard Jensen Centennial Celebration and Conference in San Diego, June 6 - 8 2008, about Matricell®

Matricell® is a pure natural product containing valuable nutritional ingredients of all the bee products (royal jelly, propolis, enzymatically cracked flower pollen and bee honey) in a concentrated highly effective form. We have combined these components in such a proportion as to allow optimal development and thus optimal effect.

The secret of this drink is a fairly simple principle: It offers to every single cell – and therefore the entire organism- exactly these ingredients and building substances which the cell needs at any point in time. And thus the basis for a healthy, functioning, comprehensive physical system is created, because a cell completely supplied in this manner performs optimally which is of special benefit to convalescents and competitive athletes.

The immunological system is strengthened and the cell is more resistant to disturbances of all kinds. The body builds up a stable protective shield, a person finds oneself in the protection of a kind of immunological bell jar.

The nervous system also profits from Matricell®: Stability in the neuro-vegetative total complex leads to more balance, increases joy of life and vitality and improves the ability to concentrate.

The positive influence on the hormonal processes is also very considerable. However in order to explain the effects of Matricell® more exactly it is necessary to deal in more detail with the individual ingredients.

The pollen is carefully processed in a patented procedure to a very fine powder. After that the soluble active ingredients are extracted in a lengthy and intensive process. The pollen powder is heated with the liquid to max. 38°C, then cooled down again and shaken during several intervals- all of this procedure takes about 4 weeks.

The resulting flower pollen extract is now added to the other ingredients of Matricell®.

As soon as intake occurs the active ingredients of the pollen begin to be absorbed. First by the mucous membranes of the mouth and afterwards they will be applied to the blood circulation. That is the pollen develops together with honey, royal jelly and propolis to its full effectiveness almost immediately.

Royal Jelly

It certainly does not have to be emphasized that the human organism is subject to a natural aging process that cannot be reversed. One is however in the position to optimize a person’s performance corresponding to the individuals respective physical age. And in regard to this, royal jelly numbers among the most valuable gifts of nature.

  • Royal jelly is the magic feeding juice of the young bees which causes the larvae of the queen bee to increase their original weight by 3,000 times within 6 days
  • the queen bee to grow twice as large as a worker bee, also the eggs from which they are hatched are the same size
  • the queen bee to live 4-5 years, while the workers only live 45 days
  • the queen bee to lay up to 2000 eggs daily.

Only young bees from 5th to 14th day of life are in the position to secrete this feeding juice from special glands. All the larvae of the beehive without exception are fed with royal jelly for the first three days, while the queen bee is fed it during her entire life time.

Many substances have identified in the analysis of royal jelly. These basically include:

  • all important amino acids for human life
  • all important vitamins for human life (especially B-complex vitamins, Vitamin E and Provitamin A)
  • lipid substances which are for example precursors for hormones
  • carbohydrates (glycosides)
  • mineral substances and trace elements

In addition to the known composition and the fine matching of the ingredients with each other which are not synthetically reproducible, it is also fascinating for science to note the barely 3 % as yet non-determinable substances to which are attributed great importance with regard to the special benefits of royal jelly.

Because royal jelly cannot be extracted in any desired amount it is very valuable. St. Johanser obtains pure royal jelly only from bee keeper or from bee keeping associations which are known for their reliability. Unfortunately there are some products on the market in which royal jelly can only detected as a trace element, if at all, although each entire package has been labeled as royal Jelly. This means, the consumer must exercise greatest caution especially in the case of inexpensive offers.


Even in prehistoric times the extraordinary benefits of honey were known. Honey is produced when the worker bees absorb sugar containing flower juice, the nectar and convert it in their special stomach. The chemical analysis of honey shows that it contains 15- 20 % water, approx. 75 % carbohydrates (fructose, dextrose, glucose, maltose etc.) and approx. 10 % proteins (amino acids).

In addition a great number of trace elements and mineral substances, as well as almost all vital vitamins are found in honey. Furthermore active enzymes such as saccharase and amylase which are important for normal well-being can be identified in honey.

It has also to be emphasized that honey is naturally pure and it contains a special biomolecule named Acethylcholin, which has a very favorable influence in supporting gallbladder and pancreas functions. The ingredients of honey increase performance ability support cardiac activity and maintain stamina.  Mental and physical Stress tolerance is increased. Honey balances digestive functions and has a favorable effect on metabolic processes.

Probably the greatest importance of honey is that is strengthens and supports the immunological power of the body. The natural endogenic defense systems are mobilized by honey. Honey is one of the purest and most natural nutrients as well as probably the best tasting substance.

Flower pollen

Pollen or flower pollen are the male germ-cells of the flowering plants. Thus, they are carriers of the entire genetic information of a plant. These little tiny grains have a strong energetic power which enables them to pollinate.

Humans are hardly in the position to extract all the valuable ingredients of these pollen directly from the flower. The effort would be so great and the extracted quantities so minimal that a direct extraction is impossible.

But why should humans carry out this business themselves? Bees are optimally equipped by nature for collecting the right pollen. They own so-called „baskets“ on their hind legs with which they transport pollen from flowers to the hive. For binding the fine dust better they encase them into small balls, together with saliva, the pollen pouches. In this manner, approx. 30 kg of pollen per beehive are collected annually.

Humans developed a method to take some portions of bees‘ valuable load after each flight without detrimentally interfering with balance of the beehive. The beekeeper is able to take approx. 10 % of the collected pollen using a „pollen trap“. As a result, one can extract about 3 kg of pollen per beehive in one year. This pollen whose ingredients have been specially activated by the bees through the addition of fermenting agents, nectar or honey, represents a biological energy carrier of highest quality. Larvae in the beehive fed with pollen increase 1.500 times their original weight in six days.

The analysis of the pollen reveals that as a germ-cell it contains many substances that are indispensable for elementary biochemical processes:

  • Many proteins (amino acids)
  • Many easily digestible carbohydrates
  • Many mineral substances and trace elements
  • Many vital vitamins
  • a series of enzymes and coenzymes

These ingredients will serve for growth and supporting our immune system!

The secret of the composition of pollen and its processing

As with honey there are great differences in the composition, and therefore in the quality of flower pollen. A good pollen mixture should be quite „colorful“. This means, the colors are so numerous they can hardly be counted, ranging from yellow through violet to deep-dark. The more colorful a mixture the greater and more reliable is also the wide range of the biologically functional effects on health.

Chewing and salivation is the most important process during food intake. Flower pollen owns a three fold wrapping, which only can be broken by a special natural enzyme. There has to be used a patented procedure of St. Johanser to break the protective covering to get all the valuable ingredients in the inner of this pollen grain.


Apart from wax, propolis is the most important building material of beehives. It is a resinous substance found on certain plants tree barks and buds. Propolis is used as repair, insulation or protective material. More than half of propolis consists of resin and balsam, a quarter of wax and the rest are essential oils and other organic substances. The raw material is extremely rich in trace elements and mineral substances.
Till now, propolis has not been completely analyzed. Therefore the basis of the effectiveness of this bee product cannot be exactly described. There are of course, a great variety of propolis compositions. The determinating factors include the location of the beehive and the kind of trees that provide Propolis. When we now deal with the properties of propolis only those will be mentioned which are common to all kinds of propolis.

One of the remarkable signs for propolis is its possibility to support the formation of new organic tissue, that means propolis has a very positive effect on wound healing. Additionally propolis maintains a strong immunological system and supports a normal metabolic rate.

Propolis therefore is another natural product of plant origin which is refined and modified by the bees, and thus results an important substance for humans, too.

When is it time for a treatment with Matricell® Queen’s drink?

Take Matricell® Queen’s drink for example

  • when expecting excessive demands on physical or mental Stress
  • or during convalescence after illness
  • Matricell® is highly recommended also to prevent signs of premature aging.
  • It will also help if deficiencies for example caused by diet are to be feared or if an individual lack of nutritional balance shows specific symptoms of hair, skin and nails.

The competitive athlete who wants to build up the energy potential necessary fit top performance increases the ability to concentrate and to achieve a faster recovery from physical strain, can accomplish this with Matricell® in a natural and effective manner.

Even the best remedy is of little use, if the dosage is not right. Matricell® for example unfolds its full effect only if taken over a period of time. We recommend it to healthy people for building up and strengthening their general well -being and power of resistance over time, twice a year at best in spring and autumn.

In cases of illness, Matricell® can also be taken over a longer period as a therapeutic supplement. In any case, convalescents should not do without Matricell®, because there is hardly another supplement that renews lost power so quickly and effectively.


Swallow the contents of a vial slowly and in small sips daily in the morning on an empty stomach. It is best to keep the drink about 1/2 minute in the mouth, so that the active substances can already be absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Please shake the vial well before use- any possible cloudiness is not a defect, but rather an indication for the exclusively natural substances.
Every vial contains 7.5 ml (fl. oz.), every package contains 30 vials. The content of one vial corespondents to 0.1 BU (important for diabetic people).
Matricell® works quickly and reliably. In most cases a distinct improvement in the general conditions is noticeable after only a couple of days.